Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Grandma's Slipper Pattern

Scrap Slippers
Instructions are written in smallest size with changes for larger sizes in ( ). NOTE: Use Double strands of yarn throughout. Colors may be changed at random or can use variegated yarn.
SOLE: (Make 2) Ch. 7 (7-8) Loosely.
ROW 1: SC in the 2nd chain from hook and in each ch. across; Ch. 1, turn. 6 (6-7) SC.
ROW 2: Work 2 SC. in first SC.(Increase made), SC in each SC across, Ch. 1, turn. 7 (7-8) SC.
ROW 3-5: Increase in first SC, SC in each SC across, Ch. 1 and turn. 10 (11-11) SC. Work even for 7 (9-11) rows.
DECREASE ROW: Decrease in the next 2 stitches as follows; Pull up a loop in each of the first 2 SC's, Y.O. and draw through all 3 loops on the hook, (Decrease made). SC in each of the remaining SC's across; Ch. 1 and turn. Repeat Decrease row 2 more times. Work even until piece measures 8 1/2 (9-9 1/2) ".
NEXT ROW: Dec, SC in each SC across to the remaining 2 SC, DEC, CH 1 and turn, 5 (5-6) SC. Repeat last row once more, Finish off. 3 (3-4) SC. Weave in any yarn ends.
TOP: (MAKE 2) Ch. 8 (8-9) Loosely.
ROW 1: SC. in 2nd CH. from hook and in each Ch. across; Ch. 1 and turn. 7 (7-8) SC.
ROW 2: Working in B.L.O. (Back loop only), Increase in first SC, SC in B.L.O. of each SC across, Mark for right side with contrasting yarn; Ch. 1 and turn. Repeat ROW 2, 11 (13-14) times. 19 (21-23) SC. Work 2 rows even.
Working in B.L.O., SC in the first SC and in each of the next 6 (7-8) SC, Ch. 1 and turn. Working in B.L.O., work even on 7 (8-9) SC until 12 rows have been worked or until length is sufficient to reach the center back of the sole; Finish off.
Join yarn with slip stitch in 6th SC from the side just worked. SC in B.L.O same SC and in each remaining 6 (7-8) SC. across; Ch. 1 and turn. Work in the same manner as opposite side; Finish off. Weave in any yarn ends.
Sew back seam of sides, Position TOP so that the center St. of TOP toe matches the center ST. of the SOLE toe and center back seam of sides matches the center ST. of the Sole heel, SC. through both thicknesses around the Sole. Finish off and weave in any yarn ends.
NOTE 2: These slippers last for years since they are worked with double strands.

This is my Grandma's Pattern...R.I.P. Grandma

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